Top 20 Tips To Prepare For Extensive Travel

For many people, traveling around the world is an experience of a lifetime. Extensive Traveling requires a lot of planning and preparation so you can maximise the joy you can squeeze from the trips. This is even more so when you are traveling to less developed and more exotic places. While many experienced travellers advice to just go with the flow and not to plan your trip too much, we do have to be prepared for the unexpected conditions. In fact the better you are prepared, the more freedom you get to go with the flow.

Anyway, whether you are the type who quite the job and travel around the world or you are just a regular traveler who's set off to a more exotic place to experience different cultures, this is a list of top tips I have come across in preparation of extensive traveling:

Safety First

You cannot enjoy your traveling if you fall sicks or run out of cash
  1. Buy your travel insurance! I don't need to explain too much on this subject I suppose.
  2. Pack your medicine! Just in case you are alone and you catch a flu or something! Let's face it, it's likely that your body will not be adapted to local food or water. 
  3. Invest into a Water Purifier Bottle. Water is very important for your health while you are aboard.
  4. Divide your cash into various places. For those who has actually quit your job and spend your savings to travel around, you don't want to have so much joy traveling without knowing that your money is drying up!
  5. Scan your identification and keep digital copies on a dedicated SD card. Make sure you use photoshop or other image editing tool to put a watermark of "COPY". Hide the SD card in something you wear everyday such as a secret pocket in the back of your bell or something.
  6. Stay connected. Send email or upload to your blog or facebook about where you are going so your friends and family know where you are to come to your rescue. Perhaps you may even want to use the Google App Trusted Contacts so that your whereabout is constantly known by your travel partners or someone at home.

Be Prepared

These are good items good to make your travel less worry.
  1. Back up your phone on cloud or transfer to your laptop computer for further backup.
  2. Back up your computer on an external hard disk.
  3. Bring extra good quality USB cables to connect your phone and computer and for charging your phones! Bring extra charger for your phone.
  4. Bring extra ear plug. 
  5. Rise up early! So you can really see and enjoy the places you are traveling to.
  6. Bring extra clothing, scarf or hats. You don't want to overpack but an extra lightweight jacket or windbreaker or scarf will not add too much to your carrying but provide certain protection against unexpected weather or temperature.
  7. Download the specific language of the place you want to visit to Google Translate App
  8. Download local map to your Google Map App.
  9. Turn on Google Photos or other photo back up service.

Maximise Your Experience

Most of the people who want to travel the world are the types who like to really experience the diversity of what the world can offer. So we do want to try out things in your travel. Here are a few points of how to enjoy your trip more.
  1. Eat local food. You want to experience the world and different cultures! Eating local food definitely let you do this.
  2. Talk to the local people. Observe their life! Enjoy the interaction with the people and one can definitely learn a thing or two from other. Explore places the local people will go and not just for tourist to see.
  3. Don't judge other based on your lifestyle. The world is full of difference people and you should not judge other based on your way of living! Instead, learn to understand the historical background or the context that drive different behaviour of other cultures.
  4. Connect with the local people via facebook or just plain old email. Write to them once in while! Simply speak, get more friends around the world! Get photos of these new friend you have just connected!
  5. Takes lot of photos. Turn on your GPS geotagging in your smartphone or camera. These information will come in handy when you take your journal.
  6. Take journal or publish a blog. Whether you like to take your journal on some simple notebook or you are the very artistic type who keeps absolutely beautiful journal on Moleskine, I still recommend you to download a Journal App to supplement your pen and paper journal. The reason is simple, with the app you can take notes alone with your photos and videos. There are plenty of Journal App like Universal Diary but there are other less formal way to keep electronic journal. Simple notetaking app like Evernote is an obvious choice for many people. However, if you would like to enjoy the best of digital and handwriting for journaling, you can try this app: "Fiinote". It's really the best "hand writing" app for note taking I can find on Android.  Or else you can publish to a Blogger, WordPress or Facebook Page that is setup for only yourself or a selected few to read as another way to do private journal.

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