60 Breathtaking Beautiful Places in the World (2 / 2)

It's just amazing to watch photos of places that are so beautiful and breath taking! It's so amazing that some of these places simply exists as nature offer them to us.

Some of them are amazing human work integrating with the nature. A few of them are just amazing constructions that deserve our applause. This is a diversified collection of photos of places that I would be love to visit before I die. Wonder if I would ever have the strength, money and time to visit them all!

This is the second 30 of the collection of 60. 

31) Romania, Bigar Waterfall

32) Split View, Galapagos Islands

33) Chile, Huilo, Hotel La Montana Magica

34) Scotland, Dunnottar Castle

35) USA, California, La Jolla, Coastal Potholes

36) England, Nottingham Castle

37) China, Hunan, Split Pinnacle

38) Canada, Alberta, Valley of Ten Peaks

39) Norway, Atlantic Ocean Road

40) Spain, Andalusian, Campo Andaluz, Contryside

41) Namibia, Wind Cathedral

42) Malta, Sea Cave

43) Canada, Alberta, Jasper, Athabasca Falls At Dusk

44) New Zealand, Cathedral Cove

45) USA, Arizona, Antelope Canyon

46) Japan, Okinawa, Illuminated Caves

47) India, Agra, Taj Mahal

48) Chile, Patagonia, Capilla de Marmol

49) USA, Colorado, Colorado Springs, Balanced Rock in the Garden of the Gods

50) Netherlands, Fairy Tale Forest / Mystic forest

51) USA, Utah, National Park

52) Bahamas, Copperfield Bay, Musha Cay

53) Faroe Islands

54) Canada, British Columbia, Mt. Nimbus

55) Amsterdam, Keukenhof, River of Flowers

56) Japan, Yokohama, Underwater Roller Coaster

57) Iceland, Stairway to Heaven

58) Italy, Tuscany

59) England, West Wales, 1000 Year Old Yew Tree

60) USA, Tennessee, Chattanooga, Ruby Falls

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