10 Super Tips to Pack Light for Your Travel in Pictures and Video

We all like to travel light. Packing all your stuff neatly into a light carry-on case is an art by itself. With a bit of some simple tips and preparation, you can pack all your items neatly and easily. In this blog post we have found a very good youtube video to show you 10 great tips for packing and organizing your travel items. Please enjoy the 10 tips below.

1) Roll your clothes to save space

2) Stuff shoes with smaller items 

3) Star the bottom layer with shoes and rolls of clothes

4) Start layering larger clothes  

5) Pack Blazers Inside Out To Avoid Wrinkles 

6) Use Small Reusable Bottles for Shampoos

7) Use Old Medicine Bottle To Store Small Items

8) Use Contact Lens Cases for Lotions or Foundations 

9) Use Plastic Wraps To Seal Your Jewelries 

10) Use Buttons To Store Your Ear Rings Neatly

Thanks to Howdini, please watch the full video below.

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