5 Absolute Beautiful Images from Japan

Japan has a very straight culture of being tidy and elegant. The traditional architecture of Japanese House or Temple are absolutely beautiful and elegant. We are all aware of the Japanese passion into natural beauty. Sakura (cherry blossom), the national flower of Japan, is also a perfect match to the elegant of Japanese architecture. We have found 4 very nice pictures of Japan here. Please enjoy.

Temple in Kyoto Japan

Temple in Kyoto Japan Source

Tōdai-ji temple seen at night across Lake Of Paradise at Kansai Region, Japan

Tōdai-ji temple Source

Hoshinoya Karuizawa Hotel Japan

Hoshinoya Karuizawa Hotel Japan, Source

Kurashki city at night during Hanami (Sakura blooming season)

Kurashki city at night during Hanami Source
Nightscape of Japan Small Town Source

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